Nordic Surfers Mag Nr. 32

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NSM number 32 includes:
- Tofino local Hanna Scott on life on the very edge of Vancouver Island
- An equal parts epic, funny, beautiful and enlightening piece on the Dutch surf scene by Jelle Mul
- An interview with German surf photographer Louie Angenedt, self professed "No Coast Wizard"
- Hawai'i bred Portland based artist Reid Austin
- All wrapped up with photographs & illustrations by Marcus Palladino, Michal Pelka, Wouter Struyf, Al Mackinnon, Chris King and more.

116 pages.

Hailing from Scandinavia NSM is the definitive cold water surfing magazine, there's a hell of a lot of neoprene on its pages! Every issue is fully written in English and accompanied by stunning photography and illustrations. The articles in NSM are always a fascinating insight into possibly the most committed substrata of surf culture. Whilst surfing is at the forefront, NSM also has a strong environmental bent, expect articles on activism, food chains and wildlife. I guess that's part of the deal when you're surfing on the wildest frontiers of the European continent!

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