Soul Flex N.2 by Knoffy

Soul Flex N.2 by Knoffy

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11 by 14 inch Giclée Print.

Printed and hand signed by the artist in Santa Cruz, CA.

We first saw the paintings of Nicholas Knopf adorning the cover of epic periodical Nordic Surfers Mag (available here). We spend a lot of time looking at drawings and paintings made by surfers the world over but when we saw that cover by Knoffy we knew it was something special. Having grown up in Central California, Salinas and now Santa Cruz, surfing is in his blood. And given the water temps in his neck of the woods, wetsuits, often hooded, are omnipresent. On teenage skate trips Knoffy became fascinated by the characters in street art and skateboard graphics. Amalgamating that characterisation with the hooded figures of his local surf breaks has created a bold and idiosyncratic style. Through years of shaping surfboards and working as a painting contracting Knoffy has earned a hands on, almost sign writer aesthetic that brings his unique neoprene clad figures to life.

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