Zinc Waterproof Sun Protection by Yonder

Zinc Waterproof Sun Protection by Yonder

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60ml tin of Yonder's all natural waterproof sun protection.
30% Zinc with subtle lemongrass, peppermint and lavender scent.
Handmade in the North East of England.

Having surfed all over the world, Sally and Tom from Yonder have a fair amount of experience with sun exposure and protection! They wanted to produce Zinc here in the UK which was all natural, kind to skin and, above all else, works. And here it is. Featuring 30% Zinc, Yonder's sun protection also includes UK sourced beeswax, essential oils with additional SPF qualities and a whole host of other ingredients (listed here) to ensure protection for the duration of your surf session.

Spearheaded by Sally McGee, Yonder takes many forms primarily focussed on growing the female surf community in the cold but consistent waters of England's North East. Originally set up as a surf school helping women make their way into male dominated line ups, Sally and partner Tom (along with their amazing son Billy!) have evolved Yonder to include surf camps and trips as far afield as Morocco. Faced with the harsh realities of 2020, Sally and Tom continued to support and inspire their community by producing skincare, apparel and curating a selection of crucial surf equipment specifically suited to their very special coastline.

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