Acid Magazine No.4

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Issue No.4 includes:
- Surfing between icebergs on the Great Lakes with three die hard Latinos
- Lizzie Wade on why and how dolphins love to surf too
- The curious case of the underwater camera
- Brazil's ritualistic surf festival, the Pororoca, the Amazon river's tidal bore
- Extracts from obscure 70s publication "The Complete Guide to Underwater Modeling"
- Inside the nocturnal dreams of Daniel Crockett
- Illustrations by Eliza Pepermans
- Photography from Banjo McLachlan, Donnie Hedden, Falkwyn Goyeneche, John Francis Peters & Will Adler 
....and so much more to keep you busy between runs to the beach.

144 pages.

One of our favourite periodicals, Acid Magazine features an intriguing collection of writing, photos and art from the peripheries of surfing. Always fascinating and colourful, Acid is packed with articles, photo essays and artwork which draw on the realities of what surfing means to people in every corner of the world. Presented in an exciting, bright and entertaining A5 package, the magazine always reminds us why surfing is the weird, wonderful and, most importantly fun beast we love.

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