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        The Golden Rays is an online store providing an outlet for the wealth of creative voices in contemporary surf culture through the mediums of art, photography and writing.

        The Golden Rays are wife and husband, Alena and Robin.

        Robin grew up in a house overflowing with books (his mum ran a bookshop) a stones throw from the beach in the western corner of the Isle of Wight. Early on he became obsessed with images and photography and went on to study Fine Art in the north of England. After years of travelling he met Alena and settled back in the UK. For Robin, The Golden Rays is a natural amalgamation of his love for the sea, image making, travel and printed matter.

        Alena grew up landlocked. Originally from Prague, she moved to southern Germany at the turn of the 90's and as a teenager fell in love with snowboarding. Later she ended up in London and quickly discovered that she didn't have to wait for winter or mountains to quench her thirst for sliding sideways. Since she awoke to surf culture, Alena has been gathering art and books on her various trips to far flung places. The Golden Rays is an attempt to bring those things back to the UK and introduce them to a new audience.