Authentic Wave by Tatsuo Takei

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224 pages.
Text in English and Japanese.
Bueno! Books 2018. ISBN 978-4-907354-33-6

Since 1997 Tatsuo Takei has single-mindedly devoted himself to documenting the resurrection of single-fin longboarding with vintage 35mm film cameras. Authentic Wave is the result. With shots taken up and down the California coast between 1997 and 2017, the book features a veritable who's who of Cali log-riders, young upstarts to 60s legends. Takei has left no retro-surf stone unturned. Including photographs of Joel Tudor, Donald Takayama, Skip Frye, Tyler Warren, Alex Knost, Dane Petersen and The Golden Ray's favourites Thomas Campbell and Barry McGee amongst many many others. The work in Authentic Wave is not only an extensive and conclusive study of contemporary longboarding but equally a creative exploration of the possibilities of 35mm film in surf photography.

Authentic Wave is the ultimate longboard photography book. Definitely a crucial book for any longboarder or surf photography enthusiast.

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Originating from the very landlocked metropolis of Osaka, Japan, Tatsuo Takei grew up drip fed the usual VHS surf films... Big Wednedsay and The Endless Summer... despite a four hour trip to the beach he became a die hard surfer. Whilst studying English in Santa Barbara, he first witnessed single fin longboarding in the flesh on a trip south to Malibu, mesmerised by the locals hanging their toes and doing the big sweeping turns traditional at First Point. On a subsequent trip to Cali, Takei had two chance encounters which helped to cement his destiny; first with surf photography legend LeRoy Grannis then with retro surf renaissance man Joel Tudor. The scene set, Tatsuo Takei decided that it was his destiny to document the longboarders of Southern California in pristine 35mm film photographs. For over a decade he has spent 3 months of every year in California shooting endless rolls of film. Back in Japan he works as a wedding photographer for the other 9, refusing to pimp himself out to surf magazines as an unwanted distraction from his chosen path. His destiny.

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