Christmas Gift Guide

Need some inspiration for that tricky surfer in your life? Don't worry... we've got your back. Check out our Gift Guide for top picks for each and every variation of surf culture enthusiast!



Matt Warshaw's History of Surfing is as close to an Encyclopedia Britannica as surf literature gets. A heavily researched and entertaining chronology of wave riding which covers, in incredible depth and breadth, the centuries old history of wave sliding... starting in ancient Peru and ending in a wave pool somewhere in the American interior.



Hugh Holland's Posters are epic x-large reproductions of his iconic photographs from the birth of modern skateboarding.  Between 1975 and 1978 he set about documenting the moment bored surfers took a children's toy and used the banks of closed high schools, empty swimming pools and canyon roads to emulate riding waves. Whilst Glen E. Friedman and Craig Stecyk pioneered the punk attitude of Dogtown, Holland's photos offer a very different aesthetic. Cinematic and graceful they also capture the youthful innocence of the first skate rats.


Tino Razo's Party In The Back features an eye opening selection of photographs taken over seven years spent hunting, cleaning and skating the empty backyard pools of Southern California. At once an ode to the pool skaters devotion to trespassing, camaraderie and exploration, the collection of photographs in Party in the Back also tell the tale of the decay of the West Coast dream. All framed by the bright golden sunlight of California.




Jonas Claesson's The Surfing Animals Alphabet is the perfect way to introduce pre-school groms to the world of surfing... combined with rhymes, awesome illustrations and a lesson in their ABCs. Being parents ourselves at The Golden Rays, we can't recommend The Surfing Animals Alphabet highly enough. Books that engage and amuse the parent as much as child add to the bond created by reading together.


Jaimal Yogis & Matt Allen's Mop Rides the Waves of Life is a story of mindfulness and surfing. Aimed at teaching 4 - 8 year olds how to navigate the trials and tribulations of daily life using surfing as an analogy, Mop Rides... is simultaneously a modern beach fable, entertaining kid's book and indispensable parenting tool.


Yusuke Hanai & George Cockle's Beach Glass is a modern day fable centred on respect for the beach, the restoring powers of mother nature and the kindness of strangers. With stunning and endearing illustrations from one of favourites, Yusuke Hanai. An original and thought provoking way to think about our relationship to mother nature, especially as ocean lovers.



Tatsuo Takei's Authentic Wave is the ultimate longboard photography book. Since 1997 Takei has single-mindedly devoted himself to documenting the resurrection of single-fin longboarding with vintage 35mm film cameras. With shots taken up and down the California coast between '97 and 2017, Authentic Wave features a veritable who's who of Cali log-riders including Joel Tudor, Donald Takayama, Skip Frye, Tyler Warren, Alex Knost, Dane Petersen and The Golden Ray's favourites Thomas Campbell and Barry McGee.



Nat Young's Church of the Open Sky sees the legendary Australian surfer shifting his focus away from his own achievements and waxing lyrical about all the amazing people, places and events which have passed through his surf fuelled life.  Featuring tall tales and adventures with the likes of Miki Dora, Paul Witzig, Midget Farrely and Donald Takayama and written in Nat's charming easy style, Church of the Open Sky is a must for anyone with an interest in surf history.


Andy Martin's Surf, Sweat and Tears tells the fascinating true story of Ted Deerhurst.  In his quest to make it to the top of the pro surf pyramid Ted, otherwise known as Viscount Deerhurst, son of the Earl of Coventry, followed the contest to circuit to its logical end, Hawaii. It was in Honolulu his story took a dark turn. Andy Martin's newest book investigates both the life of an enigmatic British surfer and his unfortunate death. A fascinating delve into a story on the very periphery of surf history.


Jamie Brisick's Dazzling Blue features a collection of short musings  "about things we do in board shorts". Witty, and easily digested essays fill the pages; naked surfers of Malibu, hand jive, the first trip to Bali, Peter Townend, a eulogy for cinema's wild surfer prototype Matt Johnson, black surfers and an excerpt from William Finnegan's Pulitzer Prize winning Barbarian Days.




Jeff Canham & Kanoa Zimmerman's Surfboards Hawaii documents an interesting by-product of the Seven Mile Miracle, the stretch of coast between Haleiwa and Sunset Beach on Oahu, the adoption of unwanted, often trashed, surfboards as a decorative feature. A fascinating insight into a side of the North Shore rarely seen from outside and through the medium of photography creates a critical discourse on the subjects of upcycling, craftsmanship, ephemerality and design.



John P Brodie's hooroo is a personal journal of West Australia, hitchhiking around the North West Cape living in a blue tent. Filled with 35mm film photography by John and friends he made on the road, Levi North, James Finn and Primitive Skills' Craig Allsop. All annotated by poems and journal entries. 


Leroy Grannis' Posters are stunning x-large reproductions of two of the legendary photographers most iconic shots. Each decade has given surfing a slew of era-defining photographs and if you delve into the 1960s, many of the most stunning were shot by California's Leroy Grannis.




Dennis Stock's California Trip features images shot by the celebrated photojournalist on various road trips through the state in 1968, the year the hippy boom exploded. First published in 1970, Stock's book became an emblem of the hippy movement and has served as a truthful document of that year in California since.


Akira Kobayashi's P.O.P. is a huge book (14" x 9"!) showcasing photographs taken by Akira Kobayashi in Venice Beach and the surrounding L.A. neighbourhoods between 1969-1972.  Named after Pacific Ocean Park, the derelict amusement park which consumed 28 acres of the L.A. coastline, Kobayashi's photos present a rare opportunity to be a fly on the wall as the hippy dream fizzles out, the shortboard revolution takes hold, Hell's Angels run riot and the utopian dream of Abbot Kinney crumbles into the urban wasteland of Dogtown.


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