Acid Magazine No.2

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Issue No.2 includes:
- Stephane Rançon explores Ireland by bike
- Underwater architecture and its affect on surf spots with Tim Maly
- The art of Nicolas Floc'h and Heidi Johansen
- Interviews with the makers of North of the Sun and Des Iles Usions about their respective experiences seeking solitude and self sufficiency
- Surfing on Gotland, the Hawaii of the Baltic
- A photo essay by Thomas Prior on Munich river surfing hotspot the Eisbach
- Possibly Robin from The Golden Rays' favourite surf photo ever by Kanoa Zimmerman, plus snaps from Will Adler, Chris McClean, Laurent Gaden 
....and so much more to keep you busy between runs to the beach.

144 pages.

One of our favourite periodicals, Acid Magazine features an intriguing collection of writing, photos and art from the peripheries of surfing. Always fascinating and colourful, Acid is packed with articles, photo essays and artwork which draw on the realities of what surfing means to people in every corner of the world. Presented in an exciting, bright and entertaining A5 package, the magazine always reminds us why surfing is the weird, wonderful and, most importantly fun beast we love.

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