AFROSURF by Mami Wata

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320 Pages.
Ten Speed Press 2021. ISBN 9781984860408

With a foreword by Selema Masekela.

THE African Surf Culture Book!

Boasting 18 coastal countries, a book about African surfing is a momentous task but AFROSURF handles it with style and ease. Exploding with bold and bright colours, AFROSURF is over-flowing with over 50 essays and 200 photographs shining a light on every corner of the African continent. A vibrant and exciting exploration of surfing in Africa.

Crucial for anyone with even a vague interest in surfing, surf culture, travel or graphic design!

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It's Nice That

In West African Pidgin "Mami Wata" translates to Mother Ocean. All down the west coast, Mami Wata is a water spirit who takes the shape of a mermaid. Legend has it that if she chooses you for her lover, you'll return from the water with a new spirit and become more successful and good looking. Borrowing her name, Mami Wata is also a clothing brand representing African Surf Culture through aesthetics and philosophy. With the goal of simultaneously showcasing and supporting the growing surf cultures on African shores, Mami Wata do all their manufacturing in Africa and are heavily involved in strengthening African surf tourism... or as they like to call it AFROSURFONOMICS!

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