California Trip by Dennis Stock

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110 pages.
Anthology Editions 2019. ISBN 9781944860264

In 1968 the world was going through massive upheavals... the counter-culture boom, space race, black power, the Vietnam war, protest movements... and the state of California was being rocked from so many different angles. Dennis Stock's photo essay California Trip features images shot by the celebrated photojournalist on various road trips through the state in the year many things collided. 

First published in 1970, Stock's book became an emblem of the hippy movement and has served as a truthful document of that year in California since. And as much as California Trip celebrates frivolity and free love dream it also chronicles the darker side of the California dream at the end of 60s.

For more background check out this great article from The Guardian.

A native of New York, Dennis Stock's most iconic photographs are of James Dean on a cold New York street with coat collar turned high up his neck. Upon leaving the US Navy in 1947 he started working as an apprentice to a Life Magazine photographer and before long had won first prize in Life's Young Photographers contest. Throughout the 50s he shot portraits of music and movie's hottest stars before coming more concerned with photo-journalism and documentary making in the 60s. Never one to dwell on a subject, in the 1970s and 80s Stock's focus moved on to photographing nature and landscapes before going back to his New York roots to photograph the modern architecture of large cities in the 1990s. 

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