Calling The Sea by Mitsuyuki Shibata

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152 pages.
Bueno! Books 2019.

Mitsuyuki Shibata's latest book of abstract photographs is a meditation on the sea and our perception of it, framed by air, clouds, land and light. Using long exposure photography the work in Calling The Sea exposes colours and shapes not normally visible to the human eye, bringing his audience a fresh vision of the waves.

The images are accompanied with text by Natsuki Ikezawa in both Japanese and English.

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Mitsuyuki Shibata is a diehard surfer living just south of Tokyo in the city of Hayama. His life is centred on the sea and his work as a photographer follows suit. After taking his camera with him to Hawaii at the tender age of 18, Mitsuyuki's images have been adored by the Japanese surf community. His ability to create visual abstractions from his love of ocean swells and global explorations, board in hand, has earned him much respect and adoration outside of surfing chiefly in the worlds of advertising and film making.

Check out an interview with Shibata here.

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