Foam Symmetry Issue 20

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Issue No. 20 includes:
- The 60s inspired surfboards of craftsman shaper Mitchel Surman
- An in-depth interview with shaper turned streetwear mogul Shawn Stüssy
- Young Aussie photographer extraordinaire Woody Gooch
- Artist, illustrator and all round creative tour de force Matthew Wigglesworth
- Old school log and abstract photography enthusiast Marlee Owen
- Seven "lads" squeeze into a winnebago and the New Zealand coasts for surf
- The amazing collage art of Scott Massey
....and so many beautiful photographs and features you'll wonder why you spend so much time with a board instead of a camera.

96 pages.

Foam Symmetry is a beautifully produced periodical focusing on riders of alternative surf craft; lots of logs, single fins, twin fins, fish, weird and wonderful variants of the surfboard and even the odd alaia! Only the finest paper and printing are good enough for Foam Symmetry and whilst the focus is definitely on the photographs the articles and interviews are always engaging and relevant. The mag's main aim is to "provoke the stoke" and they intend to do so with the finest surf magazine imaginable.

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