Ice Cream Headaches: Surf Culture in New York & New Jersey by Ed Thompson & Julien Roubinet

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192 pages.
Damiani 2018. ISBN 978-88-6208-573-1

Being from the UK, we definitely feel an affinity with the characters photographed in Ice Cream Headaches. Knowing the New York and Jersey surfers shot by Julien Roubinet suffer similar obstacles to us makes the book seem that much more poignant; long flat spells, bitter winters, summer crowds, endless onshores and dirty water. Having similar surfing hardships the surfers herein feel strangely familiar whilst being part of something so unique and subcultural. When was the last time you heard someone say the words New York and surfing in the same sentence?

Put together over the course of 4 years, the book focuses on forty of the scenes most prominent figures. The majority of the pages feature stunning photographs by Julien Roubinet, lots of portraiture and action shots at local breaks with a smattering of landscapes thrown in to set the scene. Four essays by Ed Thompson punctuate the images, anecdotal tales about the people and places, topped off with an introduction by Michael Halsband. An intimate and fascinating insight into a surf scene very rarely talked about in the mainstream surf media.

Ed Thompson grew up in High Wycombe, an archaic satellite town to the north west of London, a long way from the sea. On childhood holidays to Cornwall he fell in love with the Atlantic and after talking his folks into renting him a board, fell for surfing too. Fast forward to adulthood and Ed is a professional writer living in New York and regularly surfing Rockaway Beach, which aside from being an ace Ramones song is also one of the closest breaks to the bulk of NYC.

Julien Roubinet is a Frenchman and Photographer. Originally from Toulouse, even further from surf than High Wycombe, he grew up skateboarding and skiing. His surfing life only began when he moved to New York and found himself isolated from the space and outdoors he was accustomed to. Also becoming a regular at Rock- Rock- Rockaway Beach he finds that surfing is the perfect antidote to life in one of the world's most hectic and intense metropolis'.

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