Looking Sideways Vol. 1 by Matt Barr & Owen Tozer

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256 pages.

Looking Sideways 2021. ISBN 978-1-5272-8868-3

A few years ago Matt Barr and Owen Tozer travelled through California recording interviews for Matt's acclaimed Looking Sideways podcast, telling the most interesting stories in the board sports world. In their first book together Owen's photos present a travelogue of that Cali trip, expanding on the voices recorded by Matt.

Interviewees include Jamie Brisick, Cara-Beth Burnside, Herbie Fletcher, Taylor Knox, Greg Long, Kevin Naughton, Craig Peterson, Jamie Thomas and Rip Zinger.⁣

The accompanying texts, contributed by a host of pre-eminent writers, further delve into the lives of the characters interviewed and their influence on the development of the Californian board sports culture. 

Features contributions from  Jamie Brisick, Chris Cote, Annie Fast, Dibi Fletcher, Lauren Hill, Jeff Johnson, Ed Leigh, Ben Powell, Rob Machado, Keith Malloy, Ben Mondy, Craig Peterson, Todd Richards, Jen Sherowski, Chas Smith, Demi Taylor, Circe Wallace.⁣

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