Mop Rides the Waves of Change by Jaimal Yogis & Matthew Allen

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40 pages.
Plum Blossom 2021. ISBN 978-1-946764-60-7

Mop is back!

In the second instalment of the Mop series, the ever stoked curly haired grom is on a mission and this time he's brought his band The Coconut Heads. After his anger at the polluted state of the ocean builds, Mop learns to channel his frustration, culminating in a beach clean benefit concert!

Another epic story of mindfulness and surfing written by celebrated author and speaker Jaimal Yogis and illustrated by artist Matthew Allen.

 If you haven't already then don't forget to also check out Jaimal and Matt's first Mop book... Mop Rides the Waves of Life

Father, surfer and writer Jaimal Yogis is a celebrated orator on the correlating subjects of mindfulness and surfing. Since graduating from Columbia Journalism School he has had work published by The Surfer's Journal, the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune amongst others. When it comes to contemporary concerns surrounding surfing and mindfulness, Jaimal is largely considered the oracle!

Matthew Allen is a surf industry survivor, formerly the Art Director of Surfer Magazine he has also been a clothing designer and photographer. When he's not in the water he is busy making artworks using a variety of hands-on mediums, from ink to lino prints, from watercolours to cutting and sewing discarded marine canvas. A prolific creative, check out Matt's art-prints here.

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