On Surfing by Michael Adno & Matt Titone

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114 pages. 
Indoek 2020. 

A Collection of Interviews with Surf Luminaries.

Michael Adno asks 25 of surfing's most critical minds six stock questions about their surfing practise. What transpires is a 114 page study on surfing and surf culture in the first quarter of the 21st century. Each entry illustrated by a portrait of the contributor by Matt Titone.

Featuring Stephanie Gilmore, Mikey February, Bob McTavish, Elisa Routa, Taro Tamai, Chelsea Slayter, Scott Hulet, Ashton Goggans, Kassia Meador, Jordan Blumetti, Karina Petroni, Ty Williams, Lee-Ann Curren, Derek Hynd, Thomas Campbell, Lauren Hill, Rhonda Harper, Sandow Birk, Janna Irons, Jamie Brisick, Mariah Ernst, Matt Shaw, Justin Quintal, Anna Ehrgott & Gerry Lopez.

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