Snakes and Moguls by Trawler

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274 Pages.
Second revised edition of 300 copies.
Self-published by Trawler 2021.

A scrapbook of Britain's seventies concrete skateparks.

During the first skateboard boom of the 1970s, concrete skateparks, inspired by antics in Southern California, spread over the globe like wildfire. The UK was no exception and by 1973 almost every corner of the country had its own expansive bowl complex and dedicated scene.

One of the key figures of the South West scene, both back then and still to this day, Mark "Trawler" Lawer has set about collating and compiling artifacts, interviews and ephemera from those early boom days. Snakes and Moguls lays out in great detail the world of British skateboarding in the 70s chocked with amazing photographs and insightful, amusing anecdotes.

By 1975 sudden hikes in insurance costs and diminishing participation meant that these 35 odd parks started to shut their doors. With only a handful of the original parks left, Snakes and Moguls is an amazing glimpse into British skateboarding's past.

Trawler has been a regularly face on the UK pool skating scene since skateboarding first arrived on these shores in the 1970s. Originally a local at the Plymouth Zoo skatepark, even a bonafide team member, throughout the 70s he travelled the length and breadth of the UK to skate and compete at the legendary parks of the day. Still based in South West and regularly skating concrete Trawler has put together several books inspired by his life as a skateboarder. 

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