Surf, Sweat and Tears by Andy Martin

Surf, Sweat and Tears by Andy Martin

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270 pages.
OR Books 2020. ISBN 9781682192313

Surf, Sweat and Tears is surf noir at its most compelling, a dystopian tale of one man's obsessions, wiped out in a grisly true crime.

In his relentless quest to make it to the top of the pro surf pyramid Ted, otherwise known as Viscount Deerhurst, son of the Earl of Coventry, followed the contest to circuit to its logical end, Hawaii. It was in Honolulu his story took a dark turn. Andy Martin's newest book investigates both the life of an enigmatic British surfer and his unfortunate death. A fascinating delve into a story on the very periphery of surf history.

"Andy Martin, to his credit, knows that surfers are misfits and accidental comics, as well as great athletes." Matt Warshaw

Read a brief excerpt from the book at the Independent here.

A celebrated journalistic and academic, Andy Martin is a regular contributor to BBC Radio and The New York Times amongst other reputable institutions. Being the first ever "surfing correspondent" to a British newspaper, The Times, and later having the first surf column in a major paper at the Independent on Sunday, Andy's place in British surfing's history is assured. He has written several books on a variety of topics, from Brigitte Bardot to astronomy taking in existential philosophers Sartre and Camus along the way. One of his most celebrated works, Stealing The Wave, documents the epic rivalry between big wave pioneers Ken Bradshaw and Mark Foo in the 1980s.

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