Surfboards Hawaii by Jeff Canham & Kanoa Zimmerman

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116 pages.
Self-published by Jeff & Kanoa 2019. 

"Repurposed surfboards from town and country."

The seven miles between Haleiwa and Sunset Beach on Oahu, Hawaii holds the most tightly condensed area of celebrated surf spots on the planet. In this self-published book renowned photographer Kanoa Zimmerman documents an interesting by product of the Seven Mile Miracle, the adoption of unwanted, often trashed, surfboards as a decorative feature.

Surfboards Hawaii is a fascinating insight into a side of the North Shore rarely seen from outside and through the medium of photography creates a critical discourse on the subjects of upcycling, craftsmanship, ephemerality and design in relation to the contemporary surfboard.

Jeff Canham's bold hand-painted graphics, signs and sculptural objects have become a cornerstone of West Coast surf culture. His passion for the written (or painted) word expresses itself through sign-painting techniques and prolific book design stints. He has put together books for some of surfing's most creative photographers, like Tatsuo Takei, John P Brodie and Kanoa Zimmerman, whilst also contributing graphics to the most interesting brands in the industry, like Mollusk and Yellow Rat. Jeff's creative journey has been long and varied, even serving a stint as the Art Director of Surfer Magazine, and having grown up on Oahu surfing's rich cultural heritage is deeply engrained in his work and being.

The photographs of Kanoa Zimmerman have featured in surf, outdoor and oceanographic magazines the world over. Having a heavy preference for film photography and often in a grainy black & white, Kanoa documents the places he finds himself whilst pursuing his passion for surfing, free-diving and travel. Growing up in Hawaii he is extremely comfortable in situations that many viewers wouldn't put themselves in, deep deep below the ocean or in big turbulent waves, and hence his photographs often become surreal otherworldly snapshots. For Kanoa taking photographs comes secondary to the acts that put him in the water. Being a participator and not a mere bystander is definitely one of the features which makes Kanoa's work stand out.

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