The Gift by Marc Andreini

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221 pages.
Andreini Surfboards 2016. ISBN 978-0-9987971-0-6

"A collage of stories from a California surfboard builder and his community"

In The Gift  Marc Andreini tells the entire history of the surfboard but through the unique eyes of a Santa Barbara, CA board shaper and his surrounding community. Having fallen in love with surf culture and boards as a kid in the 60s Andreini has collected a huge amount (75,000 words and 100 photos to be exact!) of anecdotes and pictures spanning the history of modern surf culture, all printed for the very first time in this epic hardback book!

Also features contributions from Thomas Campbell, Jeff Clark, George Greenough, Al Merrick, Mickey Munoz, Margo Oberg, Dave Rastovich, Wignut, Renny Yater and many more.


Marc has been an active component of California surf culture since the sixties and running his own Andreini Surfboards since 1971. A stalwart of Santa Barbara, Marc claims to love the act of surfing and the object of the surfboard to the same degree. This obsession with not only the message but also the medium means that aside from being able to shape the dream board for any wave, location or surfer, he is also a surf history oracle.

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