Union by Yoshiki Suzuki

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224 pages.
Bueno! Books 2016. ISBN 978-4-907354-16-9

"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery."

Union features hundreds of images taken by the photographer Yoshiki Suzuki over the course of ten years, as he searched high and low for the gritty reality of life in America's cities.

Yosihiko Suzuki initially travelled to the US in search of some new tattoos and ended up returning regularly and travelling extensively. His obsessions with tattoos, bikers and Chicano gangs is evident and Union presents a candid glimpse into a side of American life that few of us are privy to.

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Yoshiki Suzuki is a photographer and jeweller. From early on his fascination with tattoo culture and bikers led him from his home in Japan. Both his photography and jewellery are directly inspired by his travels. Suzuki's photography is primarily documentarian, and whilst he aims to capture the reality of his subjects, his images are also intended to stimulate the viewers senses.

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