John P Brodie's hooroo is coming to Slow Response Coffee, Newquay!

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Calling all friends in the South West.... join us for the opening of John P Brodie's "hooroo" Exhibition at Slow Response, Mount Wise Car Park, Newquay on the 6th of August!
We'll be showing a selection of prints from John's now sold out "hooroo" book. Originally made for his show at the legendary Slope Gallery in Tokyo last year, the prints are a visual diary of John's time hitch-hiking, surfing and meandering round the coasts of West Australia.
Sadly John won't be able to join us at the opening, as he is laying low in his native North Cal... or is he in Portugal? or Mexico? or maybe all three. Never can be sure with Brodie!
Prior to the show in Tokyo, Yumi from Slope/Bueno! quizzed John on the pieces in the show...
1. How long was the hooroo trip you made to West Australia?
2 months in Perth and 8 months up around the North West Cape

2. Was this trip the first trip to Australia?
This was the first trip! February 2019

3. What struck you the most during this particular trip?
When my soon-to-be wife picked me up while I was hitchhiking.

4. How was surfing during the trip?
As scary in the water as the wild animals are out of the water.

5. Many people notice the beauty of the colour in your work.
How do you feel about colours or light and shadow?
I feel that colours are to eyes as sound is to ears. And the world around you is a great big musical instrument. 
Light is the hand that plays the instrument and shadow is the silence. 

6.What is the paper you used for printing this time? If it’s your favorite, why?
It's fine art galerie paper that archives for 300+ years. I selected it special for Slope Gallery, because If I can't make it to Japan this year, I made sure part of me will be in Japan for much longer.

7.I heard from you that Japan has been one of the places you wanted to show your work. Is there a particular reason?
When I was young, I used to want to travel there because I became quick friends with everyone I met from Japan. 
Since then, I always felt a connection. I think part of that connection is a shared appreciation for a simply beautiful life. 
Art is what washes up on the river bank and the water of the river is life. I don't mean to go into philosophy but I always wanted some things to wash up on the river bank in Japan. It's truly a thank you.

8.Is hooroo your first book? If not, can you name other titles of your books?
I released a similar travelogue book in 2018 based on 9 days in Mexico City. It sold mainly in my hometown of San Francisco in some cafes and bars and book shops. I am really smiling about the one I am working on now. Hopefully it will be done soon.


Be sure to drop by and see the photos for yourself!
By John P Brodie
August 7th - 13th 
Opening August from 6pm (plus bar!)
Slow Response Coffee, Newquay

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